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February 2013 - Posts

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Rankle Fracture
by Jason Marketti
I was reading the eval and came across a patient with a "Rankle fracture" to her lower extremity. I was thinking this is serious and went on a quest to look it up. I couldn't find what exactly a Rankle fracture was on the leg or the severity of it. When Read More...
Conditions for Licensing
by Jason Marketti
Once again, I was searching the state board websites and came across some applications that asked whether the prospective licensee had a disease or condition that interfered with the ability to perform the essential functions of the profession. If so, Read More...
Discriminatory Care: Part Two
by Jason Marketti
Because I'm male and have the same color hue as the patient, he probably thought I found his jokes about women and minorities funny. I didn't. I despised this patient and couldn't wait until he discharged. I spoke with supervisors about his remarks but Read More...
Discriminatory Care: Part One
by Jason Marketti
Being my cheerful self, I walked into the patient's room, introduced myself and immediately felt the frozen gazes of several family members. The one family member who could speak a little English told me it wasn't a good time to see his grandmother. I Read More...


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