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May 2013 - Posts

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A Difference Maker
by Jason Marketti
The patient was in bed, hardly able to move. I was told by the nurses he couldn't move his legs and required max assist of two with all mobility. The PT and I got together and formulated a plan to increase his tolerance for being upright. We started slow Read More...
Rain Makers
by Jason Marketti
From the moment we set foot in a facility, we're on the move. We're expected to be productive throughout our day by billing patients for our services. We make it rain for the facility but aren't always recognized for it. When I see every other department Read More...
The Dungeon
by Jason Marketti
Years ago, I began working at a large nursing facility that also had an assistive living complex attached to it. The place was immaculate in every detail (except one), had a large library and two fancy dining rooms. There were multiple levels with stairs Read More...
Patient Understanding
by Jason Marketti
I've spoken to patients from many countries and places around the globe. Sometimes it's like watching the movie Billy Elliot or trying to understand the lyrics of South African rap-rave crew Die Antwoord. I'm aghast, did they just curse? I wouldn't know Read More...
Gait Distance
by Jason Marketti
Where is the objective data regarding gait distances in hospitals, rehab centers and SNFs? What I mean is, when we write down a patient used a FWW and walked 100 feet, where is the data to prove the distance was exactly 100 feet? Did someone measure the Read More...


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