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June 2013 - Posts

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The Argument
by Jason Marketti
I walked into a room and positioned myself toward the head of the bed while the patient sat up. I was reviewing seated LE exercises and safety with the patient when his spouse walked in. She stood by the foot of the bed and began to question both myself Read More...
What to Say to Patients
by Jason Marketti
The patients I see in a SNF don't always understand how therapy works. If I see a patient in the morning and assist with ADLs, transfers, gait to the bathroom, and instruct her in safety with all the above, it may take up her whole therapy time. But she Read More...
Transfer Training
by Jason Marketti
I was working with an elderly female on transfer safety. After about 20 minutes, she understood the sequencing involved in standing up from a wheelchair. This was important -- she had fallen multiple times because she had forgotten to lock the brakes Read More...
by Jason Marketti
I was at the grocery store a few days ago. There was one cashier and a long line of people. One person told the cashier what she already knew, "There's a line going out the door." I stood silent waiting my turn. The guy behind me seemed impatient and Read More...


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