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July 2013 - Posts

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Patterns in Patient Care
by Jason Marketti
Suddenly our facility will receive patients who have had joint replacements. Hips, knees and even back surgeries will flourish in our department. I took several CEU courses specifically for this reason, so I could better treat the patients we see. Then Read More...
Disorder in the System
by Jason Marketti
The value of our service seems to be declining. I base this statement on several observations, beginning with how many times we're interrupted during a therapy session. As I'm working with a patient, the lab will come in and need a blood draw. So I stop Read More...
Twenty-Four-Hour Therapy
by Jason Marketti
In a skilled nursing facility, the focus is often on function to get the patient back to his home environment. We work on gait safety, fall prevention and strengthening activity to achieve the patient's goal of going home. Shouldn't we be more focused Read More...
My ‘Nevers'
by Jason Marketti
Throughout my career, I've kept a mental list of things I should not or will not do anymore. Last week, I learned a new one about never getting stuck in the corner of a patient's room without an escape route. I thought this list might help some people Read More...


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