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August 2013 - Posts

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Mandatory Retirement
by Jason Marketti
To drive an automobile, you must pass several tests before you're issued a license. There is the eye test, the written test, and then the practical driving test. In some states, young drivers are encouraged to take a driving course while in high school Read More...
Therapy Buddy
by Jason Marketti
Group physical therapy was a way to have patients come together and participate in activities where they could encourage one another and watch each other progress. Since the decline in reimbursements for this type of activity, it's no longer economically Read More...
The Perfect Therapist
by Jason Marketti
Finding the right PT or PTA for the right position can be difficult for any employer. There's a culture in the workplace and employers want to ensure their therapists are successful and fit into the group. Below are examples of some therapists I've come Read More...
Question Practices of Care
by Jason Marketti
I believe we should all question what we do and why we do it, especially when it comes to patient care. We should be asking ourselves, "Is this the best I can do under the circumstances I have to work with?" We should also question whether adding more Read More...
Therapy Pay Rates
by Jason Marketti
After negotiating wages for our skilled service, we may run into someone who gets paid more. Or worse, who does less and performs mediocre treatments for the patients we normally see. Maybe having a national standard pay scale could rectify this. I've Read More...


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