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September 2013 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Politics, Money and Membership
by Jason Marketti
We all know that money and politics go hand in hand. With the money, there are lobbying expenditures that can influence decision-making. So I went on a search regarding how much our beloved national therapy organization spent in regard to certain issues. Read More...
No Families Allowed
by Jason Marketti
Normally I welcome family members with open arms to therapy so they can watch and learn what we do. But when family begins to speak for the patients or tries to assist too much with their care, I want to draw the line. If families become intrusive and Read More...
One-on-One Therapy
by Jason Marketti
I was reading about a facility that promises one-on-one hourly sessions of physical therapy with a DPT. My first thought was, "How can that facility financially support so many DPTs and see seven to eight patients a day per therapist?" The reimbursement Read More...
Older Workers Benefit Protection Act
by Jason Marketti
Federal age discrimination laws state that an employer may not discriminate on basis of age for those who are 40 years old and older (provided your employer has more than 20 employees). I am over 40 years old so this affects me personally. Last week, Read More...


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