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October 2013 - Posts

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A New Scenario
by Jason Marketti
Let's suppose a surgeon defines a technique that allows total joint replacements to leave the hospital sooner than three days. The patient will not qualify for Medicare Part A coverage in a SNF, so the patient is sent home. Home health nurses and therapists Read More...
I Need a Backpack
by Jason Marketti
The patient I went to see was agreeable to do therapy but wanted to take some things along to the therapy room. "No problem," I replied, "we can take whatever you want." As the patient handed me a tissue box, I assured her there was tissue available in Read More...
Skilled Mechanical Lifts
by Jason Marketti
Apparently a mechanical lift is not a skilled source of treatment. Maybe that's why there are therapists out there who have no idea how some of the lifts work. If they did, they would realize there is a skilled component to ensure the patient is safe, Read More...
Medical Industrial Complex
by Jason Marketti
I was reading about how the Native Americans are going to be affected by the Affordable Care Act. Apparently there's still confusion about the federally recognized tribes who will be covered and some may have to prove their ancestry again. Then there Read More...
Wisely Spent Time
by Jason Marketti
The billing clock stops ticking when the patient is no longer in front of me, but this doesn't stop family, nurses and other colleagues from talking to me about the patient when the patient isn't present. If I see six patients a day and the nurse and Read More...


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