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Employment Testing

Published December 18, 2013 9:08 PM by Jason Marketti

I have been employed in the therapy sector since 1996. I've worked in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient buildings, pediatrics, school districts, home health and wound care. I have several certificates related to different clinical and business aspects of care. But all of this doesn't make me an expert at what I do. It simply means I have a lot of experience and require only a short orientation to a new facility before I can be shown a list of patients to see.

However, experience can't always prepare me for everything. Let's say I decide to change directions and go back to acute care, specifically ICU. I would need more in-depth training on acceptable levels of when to treat and when to hold the session as well as clinical information to back up the reason why I'd withhold a treatment for a patient in ICU. This would take some time for me to gather and study the information and accurately apply it to a scenario.

Maybe an employment test of skills, knowledge, and a practical exam would be beneficial for anyone who decides to change employment settings after a couple of years. This would allow the therapist as well as the employer to decide if it would be a good fit in the new environment. But would this demean what we know and do? Haven't we been through enough testing and training to become licensed? Why should therapists have to dance around a facility and put on a puppet show for a new employer to prove they are good at what they do?

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