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January 2014 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

My Responsibility
by Jason Marketti
As a provider of physical therapy services, I'm often asked about information not related to my position. Questions regarding insurance coverage, co-pays, length of stay etc. are all technically outside my expertise as a PTA. I could answer these questions, Read More...
Jimmo v. Sebelius
by Jason Marketti
By January 23, 2014, CMS will have completed the manual revisions and educational campaign regarding this case. Frankly I haven't seen much about the educational aspect of the case and I had to look up the revisions they made on various websites to get Read More...
Just in Time
by Jason Marketti
"Oh, you're just in time," the lady said when I walked into her room. "I was trying to dial a phone number, can you do it for me?" I'm in the facility to provide a needed service to these patients; I get paid to provide that service. I'm under productivity Read More...
Working with a Disability
by Jason Marketti
There are certain employment criteria that need to be met to become a PT or PTA. However, certain provisions can be altered, provided the therapist is able to maintain safety precautions with the patient and himself while performing the skills required. Read More...
The Kiosk
by Jason Marketti
Imagine getting a sore shoulder from work you had done hanging drywall one weekend. There's a week wait to see the MD and a three-day wait until you can see a PT. The pharmacy down the road has a kiosk you can access and speak with a PT via monitor and Read More...


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