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February 2014 - Posts

PTA Blog Talk

Truth in Treatment
by Jason Marketti
Since therapy has been focused on science-based evidence, I thought I would examine two treatments that are embraced by "leaders" in the therapy community. The first is visceral manipulation. The APTA took a hit for including this in the Section on Women's Read More...
Is 'ASPT' the Answer?
by Jason Marketti
‘ASPT' should be the new designation for PTAs who have an associate's degree in physical therapy. The PTAs who have successfully challenged the testing and don't have a degree as a PTA should not be allowed to use this. These new letters will denote we Read More...
PTA Justification
by Jason Marketti
If you've been working in therapy for a while, you'll know there are some patients who are more appropriate for a PT to see than a PTA. It's usually the PT who determines this based on the clinical and medical needs of the patient. But why even use a Read More...
EMS and Home Assessments
by Jason Marketti
National Public Radio recently did a story on Dr. Kevin Munjal, who is in charge of EMS at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York. His idea to put the EMS system in the forefront of preventative medicine is interesting. Rather than the EMTs and paramedics simply Read More...


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