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March 2014 - Posts

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One-Trick Pony
by Jason Marketti
While interviewing for jobs years ago, I met a therapist who primarily treated knee patients. He was looking for an experienced PTA to assist in this specialty. I ultimately declined the generous offer so I could explore other interests. I had difficulty Read More...
To My Dissenters
by Jason Marketti
I have been accused of being ageist, burnt out and one anonymous reader said I should work in a fast food restaurant as a favor to the patients I see. A state licensing investigator even contacted me for something I wrote because a reader or two did not Read More...
Addendums, Amendments, and Late Entries
by Jason Marketti
Our documentation is being held to a higher standard and scrutinized more frequently by insurance carriers. This can cause some concern among providers to ensure all pertinent information gets conveyed through the electronic health records. I was not Read More...
Falls and Staffing Issues
by Jason Marketti
Reducing falls in a facility is about quick response times to answer call lights and having adequate staffing ratios to ensure the patients' needs are being met. To save money, some facilities will decrease staff to a minimum level and those who are working Read More...


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