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To My Dissenters

Published March 18, 2014 8:12 PM by Jason Marketti

I have been accused of being ageist, burnt out and one anonymous reader said I should work in a fast food restaurant as a favor to the patients I see. A state licensing investigator even contacted me for something I wrote because a reader or two did not agree with my opinion. Perhaps I should stick with feel-good stories about how the PT and I held hands singing "Kumbaya" while skipping down the hall. Then a cornucopia of brightly lit rainbows appeared as we were treating the patients next to a babbling brook while Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony played close by.

My opposing views and questioning of how things are done are not new. If I question the current state of thought in the therapy community and how state licensing boards operate, I'm told I shouldn't be in the profession. Perhaps there are therapists who want complacency and like their little slice of pie that's doled out by the insurance companies. Heaven forbid a therapist questions a decision by an unlicensed, non-medical person from the insurance company who decides how much and when he will get paid.

And we better not question the licensing boards because they can deny a license or investigate you. That hasn't stopped me from investigating them and learning more about them on social media sites than I would ever care to learn. You realize there are therapists on the state licensing board who still believe in the tooth fairy. I would encourage everyone to investigate your state licensing board members on social media and find out what kind of people are deciding who gets a therapy license and who doesn't. Also, ask your state licensing board if they sell or give away your information (address, professional license, employer) to vendors. Should state boards be allowed to do this or is there an "opt out" so your name isn't on the list for everyone to find out where you live?

And if a state licensing investigator is going to investigate me, he should at least contact the five or six supervising therapists I was working with. Apparently, the investigator did not and the licensing board tried to get me to comment on information unrelated to the original complaint against me. By the way, the state board protects people who make a complaint even if that complaint has no merit and wastes money. Perhaps costs related to cases where there isn't a valid complaint should be reimbursed by the person making the complaint. That could reduce the amount of investigations and costs every year. What a novel idea to save money, make sure the person making a complaint has evidence a violation occurred. And don't waste time and money on investigating me regarding an article I wrote as an opinion piece.

I know, I have a different idea about how things should operate and there are those who don't appreciate an opposing view. Maybe we should all think and act the same, but first let's all agree on which treatment choice and approach works better than others when it comes to post-surgical back care. Good luck with that.

I do enjoy the feedback, email me at ptablogtalk@gmail.com.

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I am a PT and applaud your passion. Never stop questioning. We will never grow as a profession with complacency. I may not totally agree with you on all items, but love the discussion that ensues.

Joan, Geriatrics - PT, Infinity Rehab March 31, 2014 11:20 AM
Wilsonville OR


Just curious, did you just make your comment Mindlessly or was there some sort of, "I really do enjoy your blogs" emotion? If you don't want personal attacks, then don't blog, because "you can't please all of the people all of the time." I heard that somewhere. Therefore, you will probably receive childish, ignorant, stereotypical, EMOTIONAL, and arrogant, etc., etc., comments. But, it was nice of you to give your emotional "Thank-you for your effort and concern for this profession" comment. Or, was that just a Mindless, ignorant comment. Just making a Point, Jared.

Donald Meadows, PTA March 29, 2014 9:34 AM
Robertsdale AL


I made some comments about your ageism. Not so much about the Ageism as the Stereotyping. I found it somewhat hilarious that underneath your article on Mandatory Retirement was another article on People that were late renewing their licenses. When you check, most of those people were under the age of 30. Also, you put your Article out at a time, when employers are hiring the older adult, because they can depend on them more. I graduated in 1995, when I was 45. There were a few people in their 50's. One of those 52 year olds passed the National Exam with the highest score in the class, which was over 700. The average age for our class was 38, so most of those people are still working. The students who didn't pass the National Exam on their first attempt were, you guessed it, under 35.

So, some of those folks that reported you to the board, probably took it too far, for sure. But, when you blog, you need not Stereotype about the aged forgetting or being Demented. I have never worked for or with someone who was Demented in this field. We have a licensing Board that is here to protect the public from such people. You have the right to report those people to the Board. So, keep up the Great Blogs and if you continue to Blog you should expect to get this kind of Chastisement! Remember in times of Abortions and Birth Control we are an Aging Population. I'm guessing that you will surely retire before you turn 60, since the Retirement Age is at least 67 for you now. It's 66 for me, so give me my 3 more years and let my Demented Gluteus Maximus Retire. :)

Donald Meadows, PTA March 29, 2014 8:09 AM
Robertsdale AL

Jason, I don't always agree with what you say. At times I can't believe some of the things that you say...BUT it's your opinion/thought and you have the right to write that without being investigated! Too many people find it difficult to believe that everyone has different beliefs and views.

Mary March 26, 2014 10:17 AM

Jason, I am a PTA and I really do enjoy your blogs. I understand your thought process and your many ideas and concerns you throw into this profession. Its a shame fellow PT professionals on a professional blog site react to these opinions and ideas with comments that are childish, emotional and ignorant; as well as personal attacks. Thank-you for your effort and concern for this profession.

Jared March 21, 2014 5:33 PM
Sarasota FL

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