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Works Well With Others

Published June 4, 2014 8:02 PM by Jason Marketti

Looking over my yearly employment reviews of the past, I often came across standard phrases that could describe any person. I was surprised no supervisor wrote, "Jason is a patient advocate and will question decisions he deems not in the best interest of the patient."

I suppose if someone actually wrote this, I would not be seen as a team player and therefore labeled a troublemaker who threatens the authority and integrity of a cohesive department. Would it be better to go along with the group decision and not make waves that could disharmonize a therapy structure? How about when I was sent to jury duty? When everyone else voted guilty, guess who questioned the validity of the witnesses. Did I do the right thing by questioning certain information and documents? In my position as a health provider, I do the same thing and can be criticized for it.

Overall my yearly reviews of the past have been positive. Of course, there's always room for improvement and I would be shocked if there wasn't. We should always improve ourselves professionally. Often that can mean taking an unpopular stand and being a devil's advocate for the betterment of the patient. Perhaps there are some who would like me to be more complacent and would love to have a totalitarian rule when it comes to patient care and interaction with other health providers. As long as I continue to provide therapy services for a community, patients will have an advocate by their side who can question decisions but will try to work well with others.

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