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Strictly Science-Based
by Jason Marketti
Stem cell research is not a new topic but can be controversial for some. Often it is the embryonic stem cells that get people upset, but there are other stem cells out there that research and biotech companies are looking into for healing and helping Read More...
Future Care
by Jason Marketti
I've read about social security running out of money, reduced reimbursement rates, a decrease in the number of qualified providers, quicker discharges and supposedly better recovery after surgery. Where does this leave everyone? Social security has to Read More...
PTAs and the Future
by Jason Marketti
I'm sure there are some people who'd like to see the PTA profession disappear and have every patient treated only by a PT. And for those who feel like that, let's discuss what we should do with the PTAs. But first the United States needs to open its borders Read More...
My Conference
by Jason Marketti
I recently attended my first "live" conference in more than 10 years. It was one of the most informative and action-packed adventures I've had. I was able to connect with people, collect numbers, share experiences and sample some new technology that is Read More...


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