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September 2008 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

First Exam of the Semester
by Lisa Catenacci
We all knew it was coming. We had our first exam of the semester last week-in our neuro rehabilitation course. The exam covered material on MS, ALS, Parkinson's, basic neuro rehab theories, PNF, vestibular pathologies and interventions...the list goes Read More...
Clarification: PTs Are NOT Massage Therapists
by Lisa Catenacci
As I was standing in our PT office last week to drop off some paperwork, a student came in and asked if he could enroll in one of our massage classes. He explained that he was "interested in learning massage, and thought this would be the place to go-since Read More...
EKG Study Aid
by Lisa Catenacci
In my Imaging course last year we studied EKGs and other imaging things (MRI, CT, etc.). Anyway, we watched this video in class about Wenckebach cardiac arrhymias--I have never forgotten this EKG pattern! The video is hysterical and very informative. Read More...
Student Council Begins
by Lisa Catenacci
This Tuesday marks the first meeting of student council for the semester! I am the president of our physical therapy student council at Marquette, and I've been getting ready for this day for a few weeks now. Each semester we organize many volunteer opportunities, Read More...
Presidential Candidates and Health Care
by Lisa Catenacci
Election year means a time of change. Change can be a great thing, especially in terms of health care, health insurance and many other factors impacting the PT field. One of my professors brought this topic up, so I thought a blog forum is a great opportunity Read More...


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