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Published November 25, 2008 1:12 PM by Lisa Catenacci
I'm all about lists this year, it seems. Well, here's another addition--my list of thanks for a wonderful year.  These are the things I am thankful for:

1. My education. With only two weeks left of academic life, and as I transition to a career in physical therapy, I am grateful for my education at Marquette University

2. My family and friends- Nothing needs to be said here...I wouldn't be writing this if my family and friends hadn't kept me strong this year

3. My professors- While at times I loathe the amount of school work I have, or some of the irritating habits I mock of my professors, the truth is they are irreplaceable. They guide and teach me and my classmates to become great PTs and have made an impression in each of us.

4. Opportunities- I've had a lot of great opportunities this year, and even more for 2009. I'm thankful to have these experiences which help me appreciate everything a little more.

5. Aaron Rodgers- For giving the Packers a breath of fresh air. If you read this, I'm available most nights and weekends.

6. Good Health- As a health care provider/student, it amazes me how lucky I am to be blessed with good health. Because of it, I'm able to go to school and work with patients I otherwise may never meet.

7. Apple cider on Wisconsin winter days- Seriously, never underestimate a glass of apple cider.

8. To Everything Else, which I cannot possibly list all of: Low gas prices, great co-workers, Christmas music, good relationships, homemade meals, parking near the front, study guides, laughter, late-night phone calls, free laundry, a full refrigerator, camping trips and adventures to come...


What a great list... I'm So Thankful for the website  :)

It has given me a great way to send my gratitude and thanks in my own words, but with the added ability for the public to see the great things in my life. It also has given me plenty of smiles by reading other peoples thank yous.

Jess June 3, 2009 2:11 PM

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