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February 2009 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Dementia, Part Two
by Lisa Catenacci
After asking many of my coworkers, my CI, and other colleagues in the PT field, I've learned a lot this week about working with patients with dementia. Before I started looking into this subject, I wasn't frustrated with dementia patients, or anything Read More...
by Lisa Catenacci
So, I really don't know a lot about working with patients who have dementia, but many of my patients are affected with this injury. Likewise, I have a personal experience of dementia with my great-grandmother. What I'm wondering is- do you have any tips Read More...
Watching Patients Decline
by Lisa Catenacci
In this rehab setting, I have the opportunity to get to know my patients fairly well. Most of them stay in the rehab program for two weeks, and with three hours of therapy a day- you get to know the person, build relationships. In these instances, you Read More...
by Lisa Catenacci
Well, I'm halfway done with my third clinical. This week we finished the CPI assessment and had a long discussion about my strengths and weaknesses thus far, and goals for the rest of the semester. The online CPI is actually really nice to use--much easier Read More...


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