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Raising the Bar in Rehab

One Step Closer

Published March 10, 2009 7:51 AM by Lisa Catenacci
I made it safe and sound to Phoenix, AZ.  My mom drove out here with me, and we had fun rambling over the country.  We stopped at the Grand Canyon and hiked The Wave in southern Utah before finishing in Phoenix.  A few long days in the car, but definitely a great experience.

Meanwhile, I've been getting all my stuff together for my licensure and board exam.  I sent in my application to the Department of Licensing and Registration (or something to that effect).  The Dept. replied with all the log-in information I need to take the open-book exam on state physical therapy practice.  My next task is to take that exam, and then I will be one step closer to scheduling my board exam. 

I've seriously considered hiring a personal assistant to do all the licensure paperwork for me (or at least taking a volunteer on board).  The second I look at it, I break out into a cold sweat- nervous and scared I'm going to miss a huge detail and I'll never be able to practice physical therapy.  The letterhead on some of these applications could throw me into an anxiety attack at a moment's notice.  Luckily, my classmates are all going through the same process, so we can compare notes and make sure every form is notarized and every line signed. 

As long as we are on the topic- does anyone have any advice about taking the board exam?  How to study?  How to prepare for such a huge exam? 


I studied for 2 months (using the O Sullivan study guide and the NPTE (??) study guide...I forgot the name of it...O Sullivan's was the best!) before I took my boards.  Before I began studying, I took a practice exam (went to a library and placed myself in a setting similar to what the exam setting would be) and got my base score.  Then I went through and read the sections of the study guides, taking another practice exam after completion of each.  I took TONS of notecards (I literally had a shoe box full).  So I would constantly go over and over my notecards for the previous sections.  I used to spend 8 straight hours at Barnes and Noble studying.  Probably explains why I hardly set foot inside the place now. :-p Use the practice exams as your guide to focus on which areas are your weakest.  Hope that helps and good luck!

Bonnie, Physical Therapist March 26, 2009 7:56 PM

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