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June 2009 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Boards Exam
by Lisa West
I have studied as much as I probably can at this point, and my exam is at 4:30 PM tomorrow. Which means, if I take the full 5 hours, I won't be done with my exam until 9:30 at night. Add in breaks and paperwork and breathing time, and I could potentially Read More...
My First Paycheck
by Lisa West
Here's a little list of things I am going to do, now that I have a paycheck: 1. Student loan payment; 2. Buy massive amounts of groceries; 3. Go to a Brewer's game; 4. Buy some work clothes! 5. Turn the lights on in my apartment, because I have money Read More...
Health Care and Democrats
by Lisa West
All Americans should be required to carry health insurance? Excuse me? Government-run health care? Hopefully you are all keeping yourselves updated with the latest news. As a health care provider, I agree that changes need to be made. Being forthright Read More...
Pool Therapy and New Grads
by Lisa West
I started work this week doing pool therapy/floating (NOT aquatic therapy)...it was a nice position that would give me some experience at the hospital before the residency begins in July. I would be able to jump between IP and OP. I have a few days off Read More...


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