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October 2009 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Clinical Judgment and Lab Values
by Lisa West
Many times before a treatment session I will speak with the RN and discuss if the patient is appropriate for skilled therapy. Literally 99 percent of the time, the RN will say "Oh yes, please go get the patient out of bed." Occasionally a nurse will ask Read More...
Learning Experience
by Lisa West
A few nights ago I picked up an extra evaluation at the end of the day. It was a very active 88-year old woman admitted for a GI bleed. She volunteers weekly and is completely independent at home. No device used. Upon introducing myself and my purpose Read More...
Mandatory Lunch Meetings
by Lisa West
At our hospital, the baseline for productivity is 75 percent. In acute care this is attainable on most days, but on some days can be difficult. Other tests/procedures, medical hold due to unstable lab values, dialysis, and simple patient refusals often Read More...
Is Detox the Same as Skilled Therapy?
by Lisa West
The hospital I work at is in urban Milwaukee. It is located a little south-west of actual downtown Milwaukee, but it is by no means a "suburban"-type establishment. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article in today's paper citing Milwaukee Read More...


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