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Raising the Bar in Rehab


Published March 11, 2010 12:55 PM by
I have been consistently running for a while now.  I didn't have a lot of time during school to exercise regularly, unfortunately.  But when I graduated last May, I immediately started getting myself into better shape.  I usually run 4-5 times per week now, even in the freezing cold weather! 

Anyway... I have recently started to get some bilateral knee pain during my running.  Dull, aching pain.  If I had to pinpoint an exact location, I would say medial-inferior patellar surface.  It doesn't stop me from running, but is noticeable with some runs.  Other times, no pain.  The worst I would rank it is a 2/10.  (10 = ER pain, 0 = no pain.)  Right knee is sometimes worse than left, but otherwise the irritation is equal.  So, I should be able to diagnose myself, right? My two guesses are that I either need new shoes (although in terms of mileage mine are okay), or IT band syndrome.   

There was a time last spring I ran over some melting ice and pebbles of salt.  I completely wiped out.  I had bloody gravel in my hand and over my left trunk/hip.  I sprained my ankle during that run, and a few days later I was back to running after some RICE treatment and a nice ace bandage. 

Regardless of the cause or diagnoses, this raises an interesting question about self-treatment, or self-diagnoses.   I think it depends on the situation.  Milder causes with exact causes can often be treated independently in a short period of time.  More difficult cases with multiple possible factors may need some assistance in treating. 

What do you think?   Have you ever treated yourself for an ortho problem, or asked a coworker for help? 

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I think, over time, we have all treated ourselves. I hurt my back while working out a few weeks ago. It didn't hurt too bad, maybe a 3/10 (I did finish the workout!). Here is my post if you are interested:

But since the "injury" felt different than what I had felt in the past I decided to see a doc.

He wanted XR/MRI. Sure why not? I pretty much figured there would be some degenertive changes, maybe some bulges...

Saw him a week later and this is what he saw:

2 Deg discs

1 bulging disc

1 herniated disc

1 annular tear

Facet joint degeneration/arthritis

Might as well throw in a partridge in a pear tree!

Then he asked how my pain was...I said I had none. And I didn't...Just goes to show that you treat the patient and not the scans.

So back to training for me!


Bill Jones, Momentum Physical Therapy/Sports Enhancement March 30, 2010 1:50 PM

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