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July 2010 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

by Lisa West
When I graduated with my bachelor's degree my parents surprised me with a wonderful graduation gift - a Nikon D70 camera. I have always enjoyed photography and keep fairly large photo albums documenting my experiences and memories. I have been fortunate Read More...
Software and Communication
by Lisa West
I was approached by a few nurses and other staff this week to discuss the mobility and assist level needed for some of the patients in the ICU. The nurses would tell me, "I really want to get this patient up to the chair, but I'm just not sure how much Read More...
Textbook or Experience?
by Lisa West
Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of full-time, PT employment. Fabulous! I have been a real career-woman for a whole year! Bring out the cake already. A minimum of 40 hours of work every week; waking up on time, paying bills and paying taxes. Ahh, Read More...
Learning Styles
by Lisa West
It's summer. Hot, humid and sticky summer. A lot of my patients are restlessly peering out the window and wishing they were outside, free from all the reminders of their illnesses. It's also the time for clinicals, students and residencies. Our hospital Read More...
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
A big portion of the patients I work with are diagnosed with cardiopulmonary impairments. CHF, STEMI, cardiac tamponade, respiratory distress, lung collapse - the list goes on and on. Checking lab values for BNP and troponin is an essential part of my Read More...


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