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August 2010 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

No Shows and Cancels
by Lisa West
I had dinner last night with some coworkers, including one of my PT colleagues who works in an outpatient setting. We were discussing our productivity, and started to mention the role no-shows and cancelations have on our daily productivity. I have completed Read More...
Sick Day
by Lisa West
I remember being in the 3 rd or 4 th grade when I attended my school's end-of-the-year-pep rally. Well, it wasn't really a pep rally, but more of an awards ceremony/talent show. Each grade of students would receive certifications for their work during Read More...
The Culture of Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
I went to a wedding in New Jersey last weekend. My parents and I flew the two hours from Milwaukee to Newark to attend the wedding and celebrate the occasion with my extended family. The ceremony was outdoors on a Friday night at a beautiful reception Read More...
It's Getting Personal
by Lisa West
I have the type of job that requires me to get close with my patients. Let me clarify... it is a physical closeness. I think we can all agree that regardless of our PT setting, our profession involves a lot of physical interaction with our patients. I've Read More...


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