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October 2010 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Back to Physical Therapy Basics
by Lisa West
When I was a student, it was sometimes fairly obvious by reading our professors' presentation styles to determine if the material would be on a given exam. Some professors would fast-forward through a few paragraphs of information, nearly signaling to Read More...
Do You Work to Live, or Live to Work?
by Lisa West
There are frequently nights when I will sit down and watch one of two shows on The History Channel. One of them, "Pawn Stars," follows a family of three generations who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The other, "American Pickers," follows two friends as Read More...
Dressing for Success and Planning for a Mess
by Lisa West
Each of my internships during college required different attire. In outpatient, I was asked to wear business casual clothing, but recommended to abstain from skirts and dresses due to the physical demands of the job. In rehab my instructor and her coworkers Read More...
What if there is No Evidence to Support PT?
by Lisa West
There tend to be a lot of common practices within our profession. We don't have post-op day-one rotator cuff patients lift free weights overhead. We usually don't recommend athletes with femoral stress fractures to keep running, or to continue high-impact Read More...


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