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Do You Work to Live, or Live to Work?

Published October 21, 2010 3:58 PM by

There are frequently nights when I will sit down and watch one of two shows on The History Channel. One of them, "Pawn Stars," follows a family of three generations who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The other, "American Pickers," follows two friends as they drive around America picking through storage lots and yards to find antique or unusual items to sell in their shop. Both of the shows involve the same general idea - buying and selling items, and both shows also include the main characters interacting with different types of people. Both groups of men - The Pickers and the Pawners- are successful at what they do.

But one difference I notice is - American Pickers seem to love their jobs. They love meeting people, hearing stories and interacting with strangers who become friends. They laugh through most of each episode, enjoying each day as it comes. They have very positive attitudes and are very fun to watch. Although they discuss profits and money during each episode, it is almost a secondary thought to them. The Pawn Stars are a little different - for them, it's all about money. Whoever the people are and whatever the story is sometimes come across as unimportant compared to the potential profit they may make. There are quite a few scenes with very a very tense atmosphere between the grandfather, son and grandson when money is lost.

The American Pickers appear to live to work. They love their jobs and find it convenient that those jobs happen to pay the bills, almost unintentionally. It's like they say to each other, "I had so much fun today, and even better, I made some money while it happened!" The Pawn Stars work to live. They don't seem to terribly enjoy the process but like the money it brings them so they are able to do other things they love - restore old cars; buy more toys for themselves.

So what about you, do you live to work or work to live? I live to work. I love my career. I love every aspect of it - the patients, challenges and problem-solving. I can't imagine spending 40 hours of my week doing something I am not passionate about; and I empathize with the millions of Americans who do. I know in "these times," of "this economy," we are lucky to even have jobs, and it is such a blessing to have one you love.


Lisa, you have found the golden nugget! The best choice I ever made was to become a physical therapist. I love my work, whether it be as a PT in the USA or a physio in the UK.

Working with older adults has taught me the importance of that. The ones who have happy life stories to tell did that which they love. The bitter ones, well they toiled for a long time at something they didn't want to do.

I'm looking forward to (many years from now) being one of the "pleasantly confused"

Cheers, Dean

Dean Metz October 21, 2010 4:27 PM

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