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November 2010 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Thanks! -From your Physical Therapist
by Lisa West
Each year around this time I like to reflect on all of the blessings I've had. This Thanksgiving is no different - I am amazed at how lucky I have been and how many memories I have made. So, I encourage you to review your personal and professional blessings Read More...
Foreign Languages in Health Care and Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
I was at the car shop last week for a rattle near my front passenger tire (I blogged about this experience a few months ago. Apparently the Honda CR-V I proudly drive, or the mechanics I trust to operate it, are not as high-quality as I once thought). Read More...
Professional Stages of Development
by Lisa West
When I started dating in high school, and as my relationships developed, I learned about the different stages my partner and I went through. The initial excitement of being together changed to more of a stable, committed relationship, which eventually Read More...
Distracting Your Patients into Exercise
by Lisa West
There are a lot of times during my day when patients are not exactly thrilled with the options I give them for their therapy sessions. Not to fault the patients; we all get into periods where our motivation dips and nothing sounds appealing. "Well, Mr. Read More...


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