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December 2010 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

A Fresh Start
by Lisa West
Well, it is finally the New Year. Many of us at work are changing to new floors, as the hospital allows us the opportunity to rotate to a different area each year. We are all starting (or finishing, for the motivated) our performance reviews and beginning Read More...
Great Expectations for Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
As I was leaving for vacation last week my Dad called to let me know my grandmother had fallen (while taking out the recycling) and had broken her hip. She had also badly injured her shoulder when she fell, although it wasn't broken. It sounded like she Read More...
Delayed Goals
by Lisa West
We all have plans. I know in my organized planner, I have daily, weekly and monthly tasks I expect to complete and allot myself the time needed to complete them. It will take me 20 minutes to go to the bank tomorrow. I will finish reading my John Grisham Read More...
HCAHPS and Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
I was talking with a friend a few days ago about work, and he asked me what I thought about the HCAHPS. Since I hadn't really heard too much about it, I did a little investigating at home. The HCAHPS is a survey/data collection regarding patients' perspectives Read More...
A Physical Therapist's Dream Home
by Lisa West
I've recently started dabbling in real estate; looking at new listings and trying to combine a list of things I value in a home. My mom was a realtor for a few years when I was a kid so I rely on some of her advice for a good investment and things to Read More...


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