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January 2011 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

The Risks of Physical Therapy
by Lisa West
One of my previous PT classmates called me a few weeks ago to tell me about an incident she had at work. Over the past few weeks, the situation has developed and the skills of my friend have been put into question. I'd like to hear your input when you Read More...
Breaking Physical Therapy Rules
by Lisa West
It is officially winter in Wisconsin! Last week we got our first "real" snowfall, with more than 6-8 inches accumulating and the first "real" night of shoveling after work. As I started shoveling, the snowplow drove by and pushed a few more inches of Read More...
Which Patient Would You Rather Have?
by Lisa West
One of the other PT bloggers on the ADVANCE team wrote last week about not getting along with one of his patients . His perspective on the relationship between patient and therapist made me think about all the situations we encounter at work. There are Read More...
What Makes a Good Physical Therapy Instructor?
by Lisa West
My first student starts this week. It's a quick two-week internship, just aimed at beginning skills and a brief experience prior to further coursework. I am so nervous! As I await the student's arrival, I have been reviewing some old notes from my clinicals Read More...


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