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July 2011 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Vacation Time
by Lisa West
Last week a fellow blogger (Toni Patt) wrote about how hard it is for physical therapists to take time off and how out of nature it is for her to relax. It's difficult to schedule days off when you know in the back of your mind that your patients may Read More...
The Franklin Method
by Lisa West
I had the opportunity this week to try the Franklin Method of movement at an OP-PT clinic in the Milwaukee area. Let me rewind. While doing some hands-on research for an article I'm writing (stay tuned!), I met a few private practice physical therapists Read More...
Leg Cramps and Sleeping with Soap
by Lisa West
Let's talk about cramps. No, no, not the grab-your-Midol cramps. I'm talking about the post-workout, should-have-drank-more-water, gut-wrenching cramps. Many athletes suffer from cramping after strong workout sessions. Usually the treatment is fairly Read More...
Patient Education
by Lisa West
I think most physical therapists would agree with me when I say that a big part of my treatment sessions is patient education. In addition to showing patients how to walk safer, or how to stretch their own ACL, I also explain to them the mechanism of Read More...


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