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August 2011 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Teaching a Student
by Lisa West
This is my student's last week of her clinical in acute care. She spent 12 weeks working in the ICU with me, and her next two clinicals will take her to outpatient facilities. It's really amazing how quickly the time went and as I complete my student's Read More...
by Lisa West
I've been busy lately doing more research for my next article (stay tuned, really!) and this week it brought me to a Pilates class. I had never tried Pilates before and was very excited for the opportunity. I was really surprised by how challenging the Read More...
Summer Reading
by Lisa West
I've actually had some time this summer to get through a few books, and I've really enjoyed the ones that I've read. I started with Blink , by Malcolm Gladwell. I read his novel Outliers earlier this year and learned a lot from that book - he wrote about Read More...
DPT Degree
by Lisa West
I haven't really written before about the transition to the DPT degree, or the APTA's vision 2020 that all therapists hold DPT degrees. Practitioners, educators and other health care providers have very strong feelings about the DPT degree. When I started Read More...


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