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Raising the Bar in Rehab

Level II Promotion

Published September 1, 2011 4:22 PM by

When I was growing up, and even before I started working as an adult, I always thought promotions were handed out. So many television shows and movies show employees sitting in an office, hearing the good news from their boss as if they hadn't expected it. Or, maybe they had expected it and worked hard to get it, but there was always the brief fearful moment of the unknown - am I good enough? Did I get it?

Earlier this summer, I applied for a promotion to a level II (two or 2) physical therapist. I applied for a few reasons. First, because I wanted the challenge and responsibilities of a level II therapist. I want to hold myself accountable to high standards, and I want to push myself professionally to become the best therapist I can be. Second, because I love the paperwork of it all. I like having piles of papers organized chronologically and tabbed with various post-it notes. I like the process of evaluating my performance, strengths and weaknesses and highlighting my accomplishments. I loved putting all the pieces together with paper clips and handing it over to my supervisor. And actually, while I was doing all of those things to complete my application, I realized how much I missed typing my notes and making study guides in school. I am an absolute nerd. 

For a while, I had kind of forgotten that I even applied. It takes time for the whole thing to be reviewed, and with my student and the wedding I had plenty of other stuff occupying my mind. But then my supervisor paged me earlier this week, so we sat down and went over my application as well as the job description of a level II. She congratulated me and told me I was officially a level II therapist - a great surprise just three days after my birthday!

Even without the formal promotion process, there are many things therapists can do to challenge themselves and develop their skills - by working with different patients or unfamiliar diagnoses. I am happy to be taking these steps and having these experiences so (relatively) early in my career. I hope I continue to challenge myself and perform as a role model to others. I look forward to taking more students and attending more continuing education classes to further enhance my skills.

Have you been promoted as a physical therapist? Which responsibilities does your role require?


Really not surprised you got the promotion. Congratulations! Well done.

Dean Metz September 2, 2011 2:10 AM

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