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May 2012 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Physical Therapy for Veterans
by Lisa Mueller
As I was driving home last night after a long weekend celebrating Memorial Day with my family, my mind started to wander. This happens frequently during the three-hour drive. I thought about Memorial Day and what it means to veterans of my own generation, Read More...
Resume Tips
by Lisa Mueller
Well, it's about that time of year. Graduation. In Wisconsin, there are six physical therapy programs that graduate a new group of students each year. Literally hundreds of new graduates are now looking for jobs, along with experienced physical therapists Read More...
Exercise Defined
by Lisa Mueller
I don't really follow a lot of political news. I found myself reading a few more political news pieces and articles recently, partly because this is an election year. I came across this article about the John Edwards trial and his defensive strategy relying Read More...
Dry Needling
by Lisa Mueller
The discussion and use of dry needling in physical therapy practice has increased substantially within the last year. I graduated from PT school three years ago, and we rarely, if ever, heard or discussed dry needling as a treatment option. Reading through Read More...
Direct Access
by Lisa Mueller
Usually about once or twice a year, I break down and make an appointment for a massage. As all the hours add up of providing manual therapy for my patients, as well as my moderately rigorous exercise routine, I feel like I need some relief to start fresh Read More...


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