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July 2012 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Starting Up
by Lisa Mueller
The medical company I work for is expanding into two new facilities next week. While this is a wonderful expansion opportunity for our company, I'm very surprised by the amount of planning and preparation that has gone into the start-up. I've been involved Read More...
Unlimited Therapy
by Lisa Mueller
We often hear a lot about the limited number of visits many insurance companies place on physical therapy benefits. Medicare, for example, allows $1880 maximum allotment annually for physical therapy coverage. It's hard to work against the clock. There Read More...
Company Picnic
by Lisa Mueller
This weekend I attended my very first company picnic. The new company I work for sent out an email a few weeks ago with an invitation to the picnic and I RSVP'd for both my husband and I to attend. The weather was perfect -- upper 80s was the coolest Read More...
We Went to the Specialist
by Lisa Mueller
My husband had an appointment with a neurologist last week to find some help with his 15-year history of migraines. I (of course) joined him for the appointment so I could better understand a plan to manage his symptoms. I should explain that even to Read More...


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