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Who Will You Vote For?

Published October 4, 2012 12:25 PM by Lisa Mueller

Well, it's just about one month away from the Presidential election. Campaigning on both the Democratic and Republican sides is stronger than ever, as is the publicity for the first Presidential debate. It seems like every time I log onto Twitter or Facebook, there's a new paid advertisement from Obama asking me to donate money. Although job creation and the economy seem to be the most popular topics, healthcare is certainly either right behind or tied for the most important aspect of this election.

Have you done any research on the candidates? I try to avoid as much of the smoke and fire as I can. I don't really care what Mitt Romney's tax returns look like, and seeing a picture of Obama holding a baby doesn't sway my vote either. I try to focus on the candidate's positions on the issues -- what they think the solution to healthcare is, and how they plan to create more jobs. I spend time on the websites of both Romney and Obama and I'll review some news articles as they pertain to the economy or healthcare. I don't have the time or motivation to comb through every possible coverage of the candidates' views; I just want to know the basics. Tell me how you're going to change healthcare and help the economy so I can pay back my student loans -- that's really all I need to know.

I think the important thing for me to remember, as well, is not to be swayed by my friends and family. If the Republican candidate marketed his plan to raise taxes 40 percent, my grandfather would still vote Republican because he votes Republican every time, regardless of the candidate. I have other friends who were swayed in Obama's election toward the Democratic Party, and the Wisconsin recall election earlier this year only strengthened their Democratic views. I try to ignore those opinions and think about what's right for me and my career, and vote for the candidate who will do the most good for our country.

What do you think? Is less information more? Or do you stay informed about as much election information as possible? What candidate has the best healthcare plan, in your opinion? Do you agree with Romney's approach to divert healthcare decisions to state government, or with Obama's plan to have more federal involvement in regulating health care? Did you watch the Presidential debate last night?


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