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Raising the Bar in Rehab

Dream PT Clinic

Published November 2, 2012 4:11 PM by Lisa Mueller

I often find myself dreaming about the future. I plan, too. I think about the best scenarios for accomplishing certain tasks but also allowing time for other things. My brain is wired to look at situations and try to uncover the best possible "solution." I put "solution" in quotations because often times there isn't a problem but instead an opportunity to improve.

I'm being very vague, I know. Let me be more specific. In the past (and sometimes present), I daydreamed about things I wanted to accomplish in my life and when I thought each of those things would happen without interrupting another goal. It's kind of like playing Tetris and fitting all the pieces of my life together in the best layout possible. When my vacations will fall in line with needing a new car, or when changing careers (like I did earlier this year) will happen to give me the best professional experiences. Many times, the sky is the limit. I can accomplish all these things as long as I stay focused and continue to work toward those goals.

Lately I've noticed myself thinking more and more about what a "dream PT clinic" would look like. What would the space include? Where would the treatment rooms be in relationship to the therapists' desks? What kind of equipment would I want to practice successfully? These questions have developed into what a "dream PT practice" would entail. Should treatment sessions be 30 or 45 minutes? How long should patients be seen for - regardless of reimbursement? Should patients be seen one-on-one, or can there be some overlapping in the schedule? Should every clinic have an aide and/or receptionist, or can therapists assume some administrative jobs? Speaking of staff, what other personnel is best for a clinic? Should PT clinics have personal trainers or other healthcare professionals onsite? What is the best setup for a PT clinic? What is best practice for our patients?

I think sometimes it would be beneficial to create standards in our profession, but other times I feel like each clinic will have its own unique culture. I think it's easy in healthcare to appreciate the black and white areas of practice, but I know I need some practice in understanding the value of these gray areas. There aren't going to be answers to everything, and sometimes things won't fit together as perfectly as we planned.

Maybe you've thought of these questions, or maybe you even know some of the answers. If so, please share below your ideas on what constitutes a "dream PT clinic or practice."


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