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Raising the Bar in Rehab

The Season of Giving

Published December 27, 2012 10:57 AM by Lisa Mueller

Most mornings when I wake up, one of the first things I do is turn on my phone and read through the news, catch up on Facebook and glance at what my email inbox has in store for the day. This morning was no exception. Despite being on vacation this week to spend time with my family over the holidays, I still turn on my phone in the same fashion I do every regular morning.

One of the top stories on my CNN app today was about how the neighboring police communities around Newtown, CT, contributed their time so the officers in Newtown could have Christmas day off-duty. Police officers picked up additional shifts and offered to work in the city of Newtown, on Christmas day, to give the Newtown police a much-needed day of rest. There could not have been a better story to read early on Christmas morning. Even for those who may not celebrate Christmas, this story sends a special message. Giving to others in need, even when it means working on Christmas day and missing time with your own family, should be the top news headline during every holiday season.

As physical therapists, we see the needs of our patients. We find ways to improve the quality of life in each of our patients, during each session, in every interaction. There are physical therapists who often work to the brink of "burning out" because they have given so much of themselves on every level -- mentally, emotionally, physically. Perhaps this is why the story of the Newtown officers got my attention, because my profession is one built on giving and I'm drawn to news of other professions giving to others. The spirit of giving should be our focus, always.

From my heart to yours, I hope you have the merriest of holiday seasons.


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