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Another Resolution?

Published January 10, 2013 12:39 PM by Lisa Mueller

As I typed away my blog from last week, I wasn't very happy with my professional goals for 2013. In 2012, my professional goal was to transition from acute care practice into outpatient orthopedics, and I'm both happy and proud that I was able to make that change, even somewhat successfully. However, in 2013 I wish I had something more substantial to commit to other than participating in a journal club.

I went onto the APTA website this morning, trying to find some inspiration for my blog this week. I clicked around on the news and upcoming events. Then I got to one link and was asked to provide my login information, which was slightly irritating in that I have so many usernames and passwords to remember. I clicked on the APTA blog and was slightly surprised that only four posts were written in 2012. The APTA Twitter feed on the home page is impressive -- very current and active, with what appears to be excellent interaction between therapists and students.

So, then I got to thinking - if I have an APTA membership, including subscriptions to the orthopedic chapter, why don't I use it more frequently? I rarely read anything regarding the APTA other than what shows up on my Twitter feed. I'm not engaged at all, and I'm not sure why. The importance of the APTA was repeated in my school, but in my professional life it hasn't become what I expected, I guess. Is our profession as physical therapists hurt by people like me? Therapists who do not stay current on topics within our professional association?

I'm a fairly outgoing, confident person and I'm sure becoming a more active member of the APTA would only help our profession. Actually, I'm sure more networking, connections and teamwork between therapists across the nation would help our profession, whether within the framework of the APTA or not.

Regardless, I think a more fitting professional resolution for 2013 is monthly interaction with the APTA. I will either log onto the website and read the latest news, or respond to an APTA tweet, or share APTA information with my non-member colleagues, every month.

What do you think? I've heard your opinions on the APTA before, but have you ever tried to be a more active member? How often do you utilize the resources the APTA offers? What do you think is an appropriate goal to maximize our potential as therapists within the APTA?


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