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April 2013 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

I Tube, Do YouTube?
by Lisa Mueller
Over the weekend I was reading the article for our staff journal club this week, a recent research paper investigating the effects of thoracic thrust manipulation (with non-thrust cervical mobilization) for the treatment of neck pain. As you may recall, Read More...
I Can Teach
by Lisa Mueller
This weekend I taught a continuing education course with three other therapists. It took well over a year for us to organize the content, create the handouts and visual displays and market the course to get as many participants as possible. It was a fun Read More...
Ducks and Physical Therapy
by Lisa Mueller
This week during the show "The Voice" on NBC, Aflac aired a 60-second commercial showing the Aflac duck working with a physical therapist to recover from some injuries. (The injuries were aired in earlier commercials). I think Aflac is marketing services Read More...
When is PT Inappropriate?
by Lisa Mueller
A friend of mine works as a nurse in a hospice setting and she mentioned to me a few days ago that many of the patients she admits into their facility come with orders for physical therapy. I've seen articles and research about the effectiveness of physical Read More...


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