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Raising the Bar in Rehab


Published August 15, 2013 9:00 AM by Lisa Mueller
I'm participating in a leadership training workshop this week and part of our pre-course work was to take the Myers-Briggs communication style test. I believe I've taken this test before, although it has been quite some time. I thought I would share with you my results -- some of them surprised me!

Extroversion- I saw this one coming. I'm definitely an extrovert. I grow from interactions from other people, not from my own thoughts and reflection as an introvert might. There are times when I need to be alone, but the majority of the time I prefer to spend my time with people. 

Sensing- I prefer plans and procedures or directions over going with my gut. I am comfortable with familiarity.  

Thinking- This was a bit of a surprise to me in that I tested as a "slight" Thinking whereas in the past I think I was a "clear" or "very clear" Thinking. I've learned to channel my inner "feeling," much of which I'm sure is due to my professional growth. My strengths in this area were described as providing honest and frank feedback (can you think of other physical therapists with this same trait?) and strong analytical and evaluative communication styles. I'm learning to focus more on providing positive feedback versus areas of growth. Makes sense. Physical therapy school is highly focused on evaluating a patient's deficit area. 

Judging- No surprise here! I am a "Very clear" Judging, meaning I am organized and efficient with my communication and am very task-oriented. 

I think this information was interesting to me because for the first time I considered how my communication tendencies work with and against the opposites on the Myers-Briggs spectrum (INFP). 

Have you ever taken a communication or personality test before? Did the information help you in your work as a physical therapist? Do you think there are differences between how you communicate professionally contrasted with your personal interactions? 

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If I remember correctly, I believe that the most common personality type for PTs is ESTJ; it certainly was in one large facility where I worked.  I'm, of course, the opposite, the INFP.  I had the biggest problem with PTAs who turned out to be ESTJ.  Once we realized how much of our difficulties lay in these personality aspects, particularly how we took in information, we were able to modify communication styles and get on much better.

Ali September 2, 2013 7:18 PM

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