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September 2013 - Posts

Raising the Bar in Rehab

Functional Measurements
by Lisa Mueller
At the PT 2013 conference earlier this summer, one of the speakers encouraged physical therapy programs to transition away from education on passive modalities and objective measurements such as range of motion or manual muscle testing to instead focus Read More...
Breaking it Down
by Lisa Mueller
I was lucky enough to attend another leadership skills course last week and learned a lot of good content. It was fun to be able to step aside from my regular work, listen to the experiences of other colleagues and practice skills I'll need in my new Read More...
Pain Management
by Lisa Mueller
I've gotten a few emails from one of our clinic physicians to begin discussing and planning an established pain management program. We are first looking at some of the tools within our EMR to see what function exists for communication and tracking the Read More...
Urgent Physical Therapy
by Lisa Mueller
A few years ago, I started having some upper-back pain after a bad cold. I think I strained myself while coughing and the upper-back pain continued to get worse. I ended up seeing a physical therapist, who confirmed a thoracic vertebral mal-alignment Read More...


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