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Raising the Bar in Rehab

2014 New Year's Resolutions

Published January 3, 2014 3:27 PM by Lisa Mueller

It's hard to believe it's 2014 already. I officially graduated from physical therapy school five years ago! Wow. Seems like it was yesterday. It also seems like I'm talking like my mom or grandma when I use phrases like "seems like yesterday," but so be it. Now's the time each year when I review my resolutions from the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year, although I'm slightly hesitant this year because I know I didn't achieve the ones I set last year. Either way, let's review!

  • Read one book per month -- partially completed. I read six books this year, which was an improvement from 2012 but not quite my goal. I'll take it, though. I did enjoy this resolution, talking with friends to pick out my next book and reading book reviews online. I hope to continue reading more in 2014 as well.
  • Regular participation in department journal club -- major fail. I believe I participated in four of the 11 journal clubs in 2013. I have excuses, such as traveling and other meetings scheduled during the journal club, but I could (and should) have made this a priority.
  • Take a CE course of the thoracic spine -- partially completed. I'm signed up for a thoracic outlet course in two weeks. I also took some other CE courses at the APTA conference in June.
  • Don't delete all my own stuff -- successful!

For 2014, I have the following resolutions to focus on:

  • Spend one hour each week cleaning out my email. The number of messages in my email takes my focus away from other important tasks if I can't find what I need or fail to follow up on an item because the message got lost in the shuffle. In order for me to succeed professionally, I need to be able to make my email communication more efficient, which includes regular management of the volume of emails.
  • Exercise regularly, with a goal of twice per week. This sounds so incredibly clich√© and hypocritical, coming from a physical therapist, but I need to be honest with myself (and my readers). Exercise should be my best habit and a top priority each week but it hasn't been this year. Traveling for work and taking on new responsibilities resulted in me focusing on other things, and I need to make exercise a regular part of 2014.

What about you? What are your goals for 2014? Share them below!

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