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August 2009 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Visa; everywhere but where it’s supposed to be
by Dean Metz
We're getting close to departure now. I submitted my application for a spousal visa online on the day of my wedding. It was then a 3 week wait to have my bio-metric measurements taken which included electronic fingerprinting and high resolution photographing. Read More...
The Fourth Largest Employer in the World
by Dean Metz
It has been determined that I am fit to practice in the United Kingdom by the HPC. Now the question is: How does one go about finding work? Of course I went back to the internet. Google and Bing send me holiday cards thanking me for their support now. Read More...
Let The Research Begin...
by Dean Metz
It was not an easy choice to pick up and move to another country at my current age (let's just call me a "geezer" and leave it at that) nor when I'm in a position that I particularly like in a company that I really believe in. I first had to find out Read More...
My Journey (and Blog) Begins
by Dean Metz
I was minding my own business on a vacation a year ago when I met that special someone. After a year we have decided to make the commitment to marry. That sounds all well and good except my spouse is a national of the United Kingdom and has a rather good Read More...


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