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PT and the Greater Good

My Journey (and Blog) Begins

Published August 7, 2009 11:28 AM by Dean Metz

I was minding my own business on a vacation a year ago when I met that special someone. After a year we have decided to make the commitment to marry. That sounds all well and good except my spouse is a national of the United Kingdom and has a rather good and important research position there. We've been flying back and forth across the Atlantic for a year and we've jointly decided that the best option is for me to move over there.

I embrace change, but this is a completely different league than I'm used to. I need to learn if I can even work over there. Being a PT is a huge part of my identity, it even is part of my email address. I've been practicing here for nearly 2 decades. How much of my experience is transferable skills and knowledge and how much of it is as useful as an old OASIS 1 tool? Who do I contact? How do I know if my credentials will be accepted? Is there a national organization that can help, like the APTA here? I have had to do a fair amount of research!

I'm actually a bit into the process already. We just exchanged our vows this past Saturday. In my next entry I'll explain how far along the path I am.


posted by Dean Metz


 Hi Dean,

I am glad you are doing well.I remember myself when I newly  work in Kuwait and here in US and felt like a new grad.The only difference is that I didn't have to search for work because in both cases,the agency found work for me before I left the Philippines and I was lucky enough that I did not spend money for job placement.

Anyway,I know you will make it and I have faith in you.Good luck in your endevours and like I said before,you have friends here.I really miss my "ready made PT resource" here in VNS.  Always

carmen Valdez, ER - RN, Veteran's Hosp September 10, 2009 10:13 AM
Manhattan NY


I loved listening to the story of your journey. Keep it going. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.


Barbara Sylvester, Home Care - SWCC August 25, 2009 9:17 AM
Staten Island NY

Congratulations Dean, and the best of luck on your newest adventure.  We will surely miss you here.

Frank LaFara August 11, 2009 7:54 AM

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