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Visa; everywhere but where it’s supposed to be

Published August 26, 2009 5:43 PM by Dean Metz

We're getting close to departure now. I submitted my application for a spousal visa online on the day of my wedding. It was then a 3 week wait to have my bio-metric measurements taken which included electronic fingerprinting and high resolution photographing. I went to a US Homeland security office and completed the task in less than 15 minutes last Friday.

Now it was time to submit the application in hard copy as well. The application itself is 9 pages of questions completed online which then one must print out. The supporting documents are the real challenge! I had to include my passport, my original birth certificate, my marriage certificate, my pay stubs, my bank statements, evidence of savings, property statements, certified copies of my BS diploma, my acceptance into the HPC, certified copies of my spouse's passport and birth certificate, bank records and property statements, evidence of contact over the past year including copies of travel itineraries, emails (over 550 of those!), photographic evidence of our relationship, and testimonial letters from both sides stating that indeed there is a real relationship going on here and I'm not marrying only to gain entry into the UK.

When I was finished the application was over 2 inches thick. I marched it over to my local post office to express mail it 30 blocks uptown (the British Consulate does not accept hand delivered packages). I had a tracking number for my package and believed I was all set.

Then came Monday morning, I had received an email on Saturday saying that delivery was attempted but the office was closed so the recipient would have to reschedule delivery. I had paid for "No Weekend Delivery" for exactly this reason. Off I go to the post office, a mere 2 doors away from the Consulate, to see if I can get my package redelivered.  I am assured that the package was re-sent and I will get an email about the delivery later. Then came Tuesday morning and I still have not received confirmation. I call the office and a pleasant person informs me "Yeah, we really don't know where that is right now." I am now ready to code. All those original documents floating around in the ether, just imagine. I take off for the post office once again. I must say, they are very pleasant at the FDR station post office. A lovely woman takes control of the situation and after an hour discovers that the package was delivered to the Consulate the morning before. The carrier neglected to scan the documents, which is why it wasn't coming up in the computer system.

My application is now being processed by the UK border services and I should know the outcome before too long. Why do I tell you this story and what does it have to do with my PT work? It is because I have begun to apply for positions in the UK and although I've received praise for my experience and CV, few employers want to tie up a position for someone who hasn't secured a visa that allows them to work yet.

And now I wait.

posted by Dean Metz


So in the UK, you don't always get what you pay for? :-)

I about had a heart attack reading your post.  All that time copying documents, your ORIGINAL birth certificate (among other things) and "Yeah, we really don't know where that is right now"?   My heart didn't stop, but it definitely altered rhythm for a second!  Glad what was lost is found.

Janey Goude August 27, 2009 12:22 PM

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