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September 2009 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

My Left-Sided Neglect
by Dean Metz
I have a new appreciation for anyone suffering from neurological impairment. Without knowing it, for the past 30 years I have had left-sided neglect. My LUE and LLE sat idle by my side when I drove, not doing anything, not providing any feedback except Read More...
An Interview like no other…
by Dean Metz
I arrived in England early on Monday the 14th, rather jet-lagged. I then drove 5 hours north to Newcastle and collapsed. The next day I had a scheduled interview with the Sunderland Care Trust for a position in their intermediate care program. Intermediate Read More...
Why I’m Excited to be Working in the NHS of Britain
by Dean Metz
My time here in the US is winding down. I'm actually in Florida now visiting my mother before heading off to the UK on the 13 th of September. I've been getting lots and lots of concerned looks and questions about why on earth I would want to work in Read More...
The Job Hunt Begins
by Dean Metz
As I've mentioned earlier, I have no contacts in the United Kingdom to assist me with my start as a physio there. If the NHS is the largest employer, then I figured that would be a good place to begin. They have a section for job postings on the NHS site Read More...
The Best Place I've Worked
by Dean Metz
“This is the best place I’ve worked in my entire adult life.” I've been working in staff training for the past year and a half. This was my opening when I introduced myself and the company I work for, the same company that I must now leave in order to Read More...


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