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October 2009 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Nyquil, Nyquil, My Kingdom for Nyquil!
by Dean Metz
One aspect of moving to the UK, which I didn't think about, was all the differences in the prescribed and over-the-counter drugs. I'm currently battling a nasty cold. I would normally take Tylenol and Claritin for daytime relief and Nyquil for getting Read More...
British Health Care as a Consumer
by Dean Metz
I was curious as to how I would be insured once I actually moved to the UK. I still don't have a national insurance number so I'm not necessarily covered under the NHS yet. My policy from my previous employer doesn't cover overseas treatments. In hindsight Read More...
by Dean Metz
When I was working in home care in New York and Florida, one of the most common requests I received was for a powered wheelchair or scooter. Medicare has progressively made acquiring a PMD (powered mobility device) more and more difficult. This is largely Read More...
by Dean Metz
I hate that word and I hate having to deal with it. However I find myself needing to chant the serenity prayer over and over again this week because of it. On Friday I went to the National Health Service in Sunderland, my new employer's office, to submit Read More...


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