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November 2009 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

A Well-Oiled Machine
by Dean Metz
Second week with the NHS and things are moving along nicely. I've spent time with each of the relevant community health care groups. My own team is analogous to a medical ward in a hospital. Services are provided around the clock to patients who could Read More...
Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass
by Dean Metz
What a week it has been! I started working with my new employer, the National Health Service of Great Britain on Monday. On day one it was a pleasant enough general "Hello there" meet-and-greet sort of thing. The staff was fascinated to meet a physio Read More...
Our Professional Identity
by Dean Metz
I've been out of work now for 2 months. I've accepted an offer of employment nearly 7 weeks ago, but the necessary bureaucratic steps needed to be taken so that I could work here in the UK. The good news is that all the papers are in order and I have Read More...
Socialized Health Care; The British Complain
by Dean Metz
The London Times published an article today about the hopeful next Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his plan to overhaul the National Health Service. There has been outcry at mismanagement in the system and frustration by the public at the apparent Read More...


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