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January 2010 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Bits and Pieces
by Dean Metz
That is the English phrase for catching up on lots of little things, which is what this week's post is about. First bit of news is that I've finally passed my UK practical road test and I am a licensed UK driver! I started taking lessons in September, Read More...
Evidence-Based Practice
by Dean Metz
I finally had time to read our editor's posting about an article in my hometown paper, the New York Times . It incensed me. The reporter really trashed our profession. A number of readers responded, defending the good results they have had with therapy. Read More...
Being a Service User in the NHS
by Dean Metz
On Friday, I had my first appointment with the surgery (office) of the doctors in my neighborhood who are accepting new patients. The system is not unlike that of an HMO in the states. There are lists of practices from which you can choose your GP (PCP). Read More...
Penny Wise…Pound Foolish
by Dean Metz
It has been snowing nearly every day for the past two weeks here in the Northeast of England. The snow here is not like the stuff back in New York, it is more like hail that falls and freezes into sheets of ice. Driving and merely walking outdoors are Read More...


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