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March 2010 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Finally! A Group I Can Work With!
by Dean Metz
Last week I ranted about some physiotherapists (and other rehab professionals) who were essentially obstructionists. Those are people who just seem to want to be the "No" guy. Right after I submitted that piece I had a meeting with a group of therapists Read More...
Life On Mars
by Dean Metz
That is the title of an immensely popular television show here in the UK, which was then transported to the USA and was unfortunately not very successful. I bring it up for a few reasons. First, I often feel like the main character of the series, someone Read More...
Odd Man Out
by Dean Metz
I started my "Clinical Skills" course for the NHS. It is actually a university level course for a BSc nursing program. I showed up and sat with 19 other people, all of whom were practicing nurses. There are a number of NHS trusts who have adopted the Read More...
The Horror Stories of the NHS ARE True! Sort of...
by Dean Metz
I have to play fair and point out when some not-so-wonderful stuff is brought to the surface with regards to the NHS. Last week the London Times reported a story about truly unprofessional and negligent care delivered to the people at Mid Staffordshire Read More...


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