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May 2010 - Posts

PT and the Greater Good

Are Two Walkers Cheaper Than One?
by Dean Metz
When I first arrived here in the United Kingdom, I had to re-learn lots of the logistics of things. I had to figure out how to provide my patients with things like walkers (called Zimmer Frames here and abbreviated as ZF in the notes). I found out the Read More...
Changing Times
by Dean Metz
"What's it all about? Know what I mean?" Like Michael Caine at the end of the film Alfie , I'm wondering that very question. There is now a new government in place in the United Kingdom. The Tories (conservatives) won by agreeing to a coalition government Read More...
Patient Choice
by Dean Metz
I'm chatting with one of the managers of a hospice unit this week, who tells me the NHS is changing their attitude toward patients to being more like customers. To that end, they want to offer their "service users" greater choice regarding when they have Read More...
England's General Election
by Dean Metz
The election will take place on May 6. What does that mean for the NHS? The London Times writes that it will mean dramatic cuts in service and possibly shuttering some hospitals: All of Read More...


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